New Year!

  I think I am already a little bit behind. Today is January 11th, and I am just getting my first note out. Meanwhile, skiing in the High Country has been very good.  Note, Summit County is the "High Country". Town of Breckenridge is at 9600 ft. above sea level.

 Took a walk on Sunday. It was beautiful.  Often, we don't need snow shoes or skis to walk in winter. You will need a coat, cap, and gloves!

  I am remodeling my business and website. We are in a new cyber World. We even have "Star Wars 7" and it is playing here in Dillon. Meanwhile on the real estate front, statics show that somehing appoaching 90% of persons looking at or for real estate search the web first. You could actual shop, purchase and even close on a piece of property in Summit County without ever visting the county.  That is actually a scary thought. Check with me for details. And then there is also, the "vice-versa".  Please help me out.  What would you like to see on this site? What kind of information, data, background would be helpful?  What would help make the site interesting and fun? All help, any help, will be appreciated.  Meanwhile, just one business note. Did you know that there are only 23 Active LIstings in Frisco, Colorado this morning?  I am seeing some major changes in the Summit County Real Estate Market. The changes and trends have implications for Buyers, Sellers, Owners, and Visitors.  I'll get more information.

Hope your New Year is going well and that all is well no almost two weeks into a New Year. Skiing is quite good. Let me know if you are coming to the County. I will send ski and weather report. Have a good week. bob