January 19, 2016/Bob’s Blog

§  Photo is my front yard last cold Sunday morning. We had a cold snowy weekend. If you look at the photo carefully, you will see a plastic owl on the stump close by the front porch, and there is also a steel sunflower protruding from the snow. When there is snow on the Owl, I know it has snowed.  When I can no longer see the steel Sunflower, I know it has snowed a whole bunch.  So I have Weather Owl and Sunflower to help me monitor the weather through the winter.  For more exacting reports, you might want to check out the Weather Underground website.     http://www.gobreck.com/events/budweiser-international-snow-sculpture-championships

§  Want to see a great photo of a Moose close up:   http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?pbid=9f736db6-75d3-42bb-9190-cd1aeaffa09b

§  Big and Fun Winter Event in Breckenridge:             http://www.gobreck.com/events/budweiser-international-snow-sculpture-championships

§  Three weeks into the New Year, and I am sending you a photo of a plastic Owl.  Something tells me that it is going to be a long winter. I will keep you updated with a weekly blog. I will post this email to my website. Will also be posting more photos and some news.

§  Also, watch for an upcoming contest! This week, there are only 17 Active Listings in Dillon. Come Friday, May 27th, the Friday of the Memorial Day Weekend, take a guess. How many Active Listing do you think we will be seeing in Dillon?  I’ll have more details out on the contest next week.

§  Also, annual reports on real estate activity in Summit County will be out soon. I will forward the reports to you.

§  One final note: We are seeing large crowds in the county.  If you are planning on skiing this season and don’t have reservations yet, you best get on line ASAP—also call or email me. I can always phone some companies I know and trust. But it’s not just ski season—Summer Reservations for a place on the Lake here in Dillon are hard to come by. Again, if you are coming and don’t have reservations, check with me.

§  I have brought my new website on line, and will be doing these blogs or email newsletter. I believe that we are seeing some fundamental changes in the mountain resort real estate market.  I want to speak more to that issue in future blogs. Meanwhile, thanks for taking time to look at this photo and this note.  All suggestions and ideas are welcome! What kind of photos and new items would you enjoy?  Also, please tell your friends know about www.nobleideas.com        You just never know who might be interested the Weather Owl and Sunflower.  Have a good week. bob
















































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