Summit Post: 01/22/2016

  • Can't be Friday the 13th, because it's the 22nd and an absolutely beautiful day in the mountains.
  • An Excellent Report/Summary on Mountain Real Estate Activity for Year 2015 came out on line this morning. I have not review the report yet. You can see the report at:
  • These two summaries from the Report maybe helpful:
  • Market Snapshot for Years 2015 vs 2014:  Final 2015 values held strong and are as follows: Average Indicators for $: Single Family +9%, Multi- Family +12% and Vacant Land +17%. Median Indicators for $: Single Family +7%, Multi- Family +19% and Vacant Land +8%.  
  • Market Analysis % Change Complete Full Year 2015 Data: Monetary volume ($141,435,873) in December was up +57% compared to December 2014. Number of transactions (276) were up 48% in December 2015 compared to December 2014. Full year 2015 Summit County real estate is up 30% in monetary volume and up 18% with number of transactions compared to full year 2014. 
  • Just for fun:
  • Hope everyone in the huge east coast storm is safe.  Hope everyone has a good weekend and a good weekend is one where you get to do a lot of what you want and need to do for yourself and family.