Ground Hog's Day?

If we had any ground hogs in Summit County, they wouldn't be able to tunnel through the snow to see the light of day or their shadows.  So I guess Jasmine will have to do.  Notice all the snow blown back and banked up. Keeping the drive way open is a winter sport.

Needless to say, skiing is very good!

I've been working on this site this morning.  I am trying to keep things simple. I will post on the Mountain Market page and here on Bulletins and Blogs. Meanwhile, all feedback and ideas are welcome. Let me know what you would like to see.  Also, any and all referrals are appreciated. See the Report on the Mountain Market page.  We have seen 85 sales in the first 31 days of 2016. Properties are moving. As in real estate contracts, time is of the essense.  Contact Bob. Refer to Bob. And also see my goal statement on the home page.

Happy Ground Hog's Day! And incidentally, we still see snow up here in the mountains in the month of June.   bob